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About me

Who Am I:

I am a certified eyelash technician since 2019, and a certified trainer since 2022. From having one client a week, I am now fully booked two months in advance. I am one of the best lash techs in my city and I will teach you how to become one of the best eyelash techs in your city!

My story:
I am a Latvian girl living in Iceland. After having my daughter, I was on a maternity leave, and because of covid I lost my job and had no work to come back too. I had to figure out what to do, accidentally I saw an ad on Facebook of an eyelash extension course, and I decided to try it. Best decision I have made. I absolutely love what I do. Flexible scheduling, unlimited earning potential, growth opportunities, and fun clientele.


Learn with me how to become professional lash artist!

Sintija Divra
Certified eyelash trainer

A 100% Home-based Program

Study on your phone, pc or tablet online without leaving your house! Learn At Your Own Pace

Professional Certification

Receive your certification accredited by beauty academy Lash Inc

60 Day Access

You will have access to the course materials for 60 days, enough time to learn and watch online videos and read the theory book.

Benefits of Online Training

These courses are designed and written by me, from my personal experience and information. Collaborating with Lash Inc and Lashbase. All my courses are accredited by Lash Inc - Accreditation is recognized by various insurance providers worldwide.

Online training is ideal for those who cannot easily travel to a location where a live training is held.
By taking an online course, you will have more flexibility to learn at your own pace, you can simply rewind the videos or re-read the text as many times as you need.
We saved the best for last! The cost for online training is considerably less expensive than in person training. This is great for aspiring lash artists on a budget.

Terms and Conditions

Online courses:

Only for Classic extension course no experience is required.

All the available online courses except Classic extension course are designed for already qualified lash artists to top up their knowledge.

All online course contents are copyright protected and you purchase only one user license meaning that it is prohibited to copy, share, sell or record any content (including photographs and video lessons) of the course and manuals. Such actions are classed as a criminal offence. We will track any suspicious activity and in an event of breach of our terms and conditions we reserve full right to restrict student's access immediately without any refund or notification.

All students must act kindly and respectfully towards their tutor and all members of The Lashhh Lady team. Any rude, aggressive, or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, and we reserve full right to cancel the training and restrict the access to the course without any refunds and/or refuse to provide any ongoing support or communication after the course.

The Lashhh Lady course notes and training cannot be relied upon for legal interpretation The Lashhh Lady accepts no responsibility for the actions of clients, or those of other people reading the course notes, or responsibility for any loss incurred because of relying on the course content.

All online courses have an expiry of 60 days from the date of purchase.

All online courses are non-refundable, once the registration for the online course or online product and the payment are completed a refund is not possible.

Starter kits:

1. If the buyer has changed their mind and would like to return the item it must be unopened and in clean, original packaging.

2. If the buyer has changed their mind and would like to return the item, the buyer must return the item within 14 days of receiving your order. The buyer must contact us (The Lashhh Lady) via email info@thelashhhlady.com before sending the item to us.

3. If the buyer has changed their mind and would like to return the item but it was opened and it was over 14 days after receiving their order we cannot accept, refund, or exchange the item.

4. If the buyer has changed their mind and would like to return the item, we are unable to refund a shipping fee and the buyer will be responsible for any further delivery charges that will apply to return the item to us.

5. The buyer should ensure that the item is collected or picked up timely. We (The Lashhh Lady) can not be held responsible if the item is sent back to us due to non-receipt. In such an event another delivery fee will apply.

6. International orders may be subject to customs, taxes, and other fees. These charges are not the responsibility of The Lashhh Lady. The customer will be liable to pay in full. It is the customer's responsibility to check the potential charges and organise payment for any customs, taxes, and other fees incurred prior to receiving the goods.


Access to the course materials is 60 days from the moment of purchase. You can watch videos as any times you want. Please don't jump through the lessons and take one lesson at the time.

To pass the Classic and Volume course you will need to:
1. Pass the theory test when you feel confident.
2. Email before\after pictures from different angles and small video to info@thelashhhlady.com with subject name 'Test' It can take 4-7 working days to assess your case.

To pass the rest of the courses you will need to:
1. Pass the theory test when you feel confident.

Can you fail this course? No! If I feel that you are not ready. I will provide you with constructive feedback and work with you on resubmitting case studies until you are ready. I would never pass a student that I feel is not ready. I want to be confident of your skill set prior to going into the eyelash industry.

All students get unlimited support, even after finishing the course.

These courses are fully accredited by Lash Inc - Accreditation is recognized by various insurance providers worldwide.

Please note - payment is non-refundable.

If any questions please send email to info@thelashhhlady.com

How do you get certified?

Follow a few simple steps

1. Buy course

2. Get an immediate access

3. Pass the test

4. Get certified

Why choose The Lashhh Lady?

All courses are based on facts and have huge amounts of new information that has most likely never been covered in your previous training. All courses are design by me, and they include all the necessary information for you to succeed. You will get my full support during and after finishing the course. ALL COURSES ARE FULLY ACCREDITED AND CERTIFIED.

01. Buy course
Select a suitable course, fill out the registration form & complete the payment.
02. Get an immediate access
Right after completing your order, you will have immediate access to the course. Access to the course materials is 60 days from the moment of purchase. You can watch videos as many times you want.
03. Pass the test
When you feel confident, it is necessary to past the test.
04. Get certified
After finishing course, you have chosen you will receive an e-certificate upon completion.


Choose the Best Course for Your Needs

Online Classic Eyelash Extensions Course

  • Video: 17
  • Documents: 8
  • Test questions: 13
$ 160
+ Classic starter kit
  • Video: 17
  • Documents: 8
  • Test questions: 13
  • Classic starter kit contents
    • LBX lashes 0.15mm , C curl, mixed length (7-14mm)
    • Extreme adhesive 3g
    • Pink Gel Lash Adhesive Remover
    • Primer
    • Premium Shaped Eye Pads
    • Isolation Tape
    • Microfibre Brushes - 1.5mm
    • Mascara Wand - Black (10)
    • Jade Stone
    • Round Foot Tweezers
    • S Curved Tweezers
    • Mannequin Head With Training Lashes (5Pack)
$ 270
+ Deluxe Starter Kit
  • Video: 17
  • Documents: 8
  • Test questions: 13
  • Deluxe Starter Kit contents
    • 2x Enhance lashes 0.15mm , C curl, mixed lenght 7-13mm
    • 2x Enhance lashes 0.15mm , D curl, mixed lenght 8-15mm
    • Extreme adhesive 3g
    • Primer
    • FlexiBonder
    • Purified shampoo
    • Pink Cream Remover
    • Premium Curved Lash Brush
    • Lash Cleansing Bottle
    • Value Lash Tile
    • Jade Stone
    • Premium Shaped Eye Pads
    • Long-Tip Microfibre brushes
    • Isolation Tape
    • Transpore Tape
    • Pink Glitter Mascara Wands
    • Adhesive Wipes
    • Airtight Container
    • Lash Mapping Pen
    • Lash Mirror
    • Expert Tweezer
    • Round Foot Tweezers
    • Mannequin Head With Training Lashes (5Pack)
$ 380

Online Lash Lift and Tint Course

  • Video: 17
  • Documents: 4
  • Test questions: 6
$ 100
+ Lash Lift Kit LIFTED
  • Video: 17
  • Documents: 4
  • Test questions: 6
  • Lash Lift Kit LIFTED contents
    • Lift 1(10 sachets)
    • Fix 2 (10 sachets)
    • Enrich 3 (10 sachets)
    • Shields - Small
    • Shields - Medium
    • Shields - Large
    • Adhesive
    • Cleanser Pads
    • Pro Lifting Tool
    • Y-Comb
    • Eye Pads
    • Timer
    • Tinting Plate
    • Applicator Wands
$ 220
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